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Today in the modern Information Age economy, making cold calls takes a different sort of strategy than it used to. Cold calls must be more conversational, they must be made in a way that demonstrates value up-front, and you must be creative now that modern technology makes it easier and easier for decision makers to avoid your call.

With our cold calling tips and techniques, and advice on alternatives when it comes to reaching decision makers and getting an appointment, you’ll see your sales success and your results continue to rise. Best of luck and happy selling!

The Potentials of Cold Calling and the Cold Calling Scripts

Nowadays, due to the continuous boom of the BPO or call center industry, cold calling has been considered to be very important as well as having good cold calling scripts, because it is considered as a key to one’s personal success or business success. But why do they think that it holds that much potential and opportunity for you as well as for your business. Here are some of the reasons why:

  1. It puts you in a very important role wherein you may act as an interpreter, controller and/or translator.
  2. It is one key to lead you to new and fresh opportunities in business and in other fields as well.
  3. In general terms, it empowers you to define, identify or determine and take control of everything regarding your business and your future as well as your business’ future.

With those said, you will now have an idea why you really need to have good cold calling scripts. This is because cold calling will give you and will open more business opportunities which are new, fresh, flexible, and free of any baggage and history. Unhelpful patterns as well as expectations will not greatly affect it because everything will mostly rely on you as a caller. The caller is the one in charge of it and he owns the call, therefore, you are the one who will define the situation the way you want it and it will also depend on the caller if the call will turn out to be successful or not.

Good cold calling scripts and cold calling skills will greatly affect your business because you will be able to interact with your potential clients or customers. It is not used for the main purpose of calling individual potential clients but also other potential businesses or business partners such as in B2B or business-to-business communications. That is why it is also considered as the life blood of almost all businesses of any type or any organized activity.

With cold calling, you are certain about 2 things:

  1. It does not only create new business opportunities but it can also be a business in itself because it is able to make things happen and almost every business needs it to start up and in order to survive.
  2. Successful cold calls and cold callers have the opportunity to develop their skills and give them more opportunities to develop their career. It will also make them completely self-sufficient and not dependent on anything or anybody.

To sum it all up, cold calling is being preferred by a lot of entrepreneurs because they consider it as the natural “hunting” ground for almost all entrepreneurs, where they can get as much client and exposure as possible. In line with that, it is also an approach which is being followed by entrepreneurs who chose to start up their own business. It is the key to a lot of opportunities, personal achievement, independence and choice. Although rejection of such calls is inevitable, having the right and positive attitude towards it, will make it a success and will lead you towards your personal or business success.

Making Good Cold Calling Scripts

Making a call is easy, but making a cold call is not that easy.  You need to have good cold calling scripts to serve as your guide.  These cold calling scripts will either make or break your call.  However, no matter how good your cold calling scripts are, without a positive attitude towards it, your call may still not be successful.

Here are some things that you need to remember when conducting such calls:

  1. Get your mindset away from the thought of “making a sale” on every call that you make.  You have to consider what the person on the other end of the line thinks and whether there is a possibility of making a fit.  Do not assume that they should always buy your product or service.  One should aim to be qualified and do not force or persuade the person of buying from you on the spot during the call.
  2. You should be a helper and not a pitcher.  You should be able to help your prospect or potential client.  Do not over emphasize your product or service’s features and benefits.  The conversation should focus on your potential customer and not you nor the product or service you are selling.
  3. You should focus on the beginning and not the end.  You have to be sensitive during your initial interaction or conversation with your potential client.  Always remember that you should avoid pushing or persuading the client to avail immediately.
  4. Do not chase prospects and do not act desperate.  You should always act and behave with dignity.  You should be able to create a “pressure-free” atmosphere and set a tone of mutual respect as well as equality.  The person should feel that you are being helpful instead of thinking that you are just another sales person.
  5. Build a connection or rapport with your prospect or potential client.  You should not sound too scripted (although you are actually following a script).  You should be able to build trust and you should be able to discuss their issues and not your issue.
  6. Your primary goal should be building trust with your prospect and it should not just be about making a sale.  Once you were able to build trust, it would lead to building real relationships which may eventually result in having more sales.
  7. Eliminate any pressure that you are sensing in the sales process.  By doing that, you will be able to have an honest and truthful conversation with your potential client.
  8. Do not use your “sales speaking” tone or voice, instead converse with them naturally.  You should be patient, open minded and always willing to listen.
  9. You should be able to make the person fee understood.  If you are able to have a deep and good understanding of their problems, it will be easier for you to feel and care about whatever their situation maybe.

By keeping these things in mind, you will be able to create good scripts that maybe effective and will earn you more clients and be able to make more sales with ease.  It is okay that some people might turn down your call, but you should not give up.  Instead, you should think of other ways in making better calls.

Make Effective Calls with Cold Calling Scripts

There are a lot of ways wherein you or your business can generate more sales leads, however, there are still a lot of companies hostile depend on cold calling and their standardize cold calling scripts.

There are a lot of examples of good cold calling scripts in which you can use as a guide.  Here is an example of a script which was created by a cost-reduction company to be used by C-level executives and it can be easily accepted and used for any product or service. But what is an effective cold calling script?

This is generally how cold calling scripts should go:

  1. The first thing you have to do when calling someone is to identify and introduce yourself.  If you did not properly introduce yourself, the contact may hang up on you.
  2. Ask whether you called them at an “ok time”.  This will show respect to their time and for you to be able to understand them.  Although most of the time they may answer “no”, or some may say “yes”.  But no matter what they say, you do not have to worry because your next statement will make everything moot.
  3. Recognize that they may be busy and that you respect their time and assure them that your call will just take few minutes of their time and it will just be brief.  Through this statement, the person will allow you to continue because they will prefer to talk to you now rather than rescheduling you to make another call.  This is somehow a good thing because this means that you have a prospect of potential client on the phone.
  4. State the reason for your call.  You should also state the advantage they may get from what you are about to tell them or at least an overview of what you are calling about.  You need to do this to create a compelling reason for the person on the other end of the line to listen and go on with your conversation.  This is very important because your customer (at this point) does not really care about your specific product or service, but he wants to know what he should expect from your product, service or the call if he lets you continue with the conversation.
  5. Acknowledge that he may or may not need your services or product.  This will eliminate the adversarial posture or impression of your call; it will also help lower the person’s resistance.  It will let the potential customer know that he will not be forced to buy or avail of anything that he may not be ready for.
  6. Explain.  This will open a conversation so that you will be able to get permission to have this preliminary conversation.
  7. Establish a time line, just to assure the person that you will not keep him for long on the phone and that the call will not take forever.
  8. Once the customer granted you the permission, you now have a potential customer that you are having a conversation with.
  9. Have a conversation.

This is just a simple guide to help you create good cold calling scripts that will be effective and will help you get more potential clients for your business.

What are Cold Calling Scripts?

What are Cold Calling Scripts?

Have you ever experienced receiving a call from someone you don’t know and encourages you to buy a certain product or avail of a particular service? Sometimes you might think that these kinds of calls are recorded or scripted. Yes, it is scripted because it actually uses cold calling scripts, but it is not necessarily recorded. It is actually a marketing strategy and a process in which it approaches potential or prospective customers or clients. It is typically done through telephone – a telephone call. Most call recipients do not expect the call. The term “cold” is used because the receiver of the call is not expecting the call at all and he did not ask to be contacted by the caller, who is a sales person. It may also be referred to as an outbound call which aims to make or close a sale.

Selling has been a popular profession for so many years that there came countless training for sales conducted by different organizations, sales gurus, theorists, writers and different sales person in different fields. All of these attempted to create various cold calling techniques and cold calling scripts that were effective in some way. There is no definite script and although there are a lot of frameworks and various methodologies that can help in making a good call, still, there is no definite “formula” when it comes to making an effective cold call. A successful call does not only include effective methods and techniques and well-written cold calling scripts because it also rely on the caller’s attitude towards the call itself.

Making a cold call to a potential customer or client is important because it enables the sales person to do the following:

  • Overtake other existing suppliers
  • Be able to recognize the competition
  • It also enables them to identify and create new and even greater business possibilities and opportunities
  • They are also able to build their own and personal reputation beyond their grade and job title
  • They are able to establish good relationships and respect to their clients beyond their normal sales responsibilities
  • And they also have the chance to be an entrepreneur.

This may be viewed by different people in different ways. Some may view it positively or negatively. Negatively because others think that it is just about numbers and profit. It is also compared to a junk-mail wherein there may be a little possibility that a person would respond to it. And for the caller, when they are rejected, they may find it sort of depressing, draining, exhausting and even embarrassing. And it may be viewed creatively and positively by others because like other aspects of business, selling and management, you can do whatever you like with cold calling, you can either make it successful or not because everything depends on you – your skills and attitude towards it. For the callers, they find it to be empowering and very effective. As a caller, you can achieve good entrepreneurial reputation as well as a success that can take you anywhere you want.

All about Cold Calling Scripts and Techniques

Making good quality cold calling scripts is very important in order for you to have an effective call and successful sales. A cold call refers to a telephone call made by an agent or representative to any prospective or potential customer. However, it may also refer to calling or talking face-to-face without any appointment. This may take place3 at any commercial premises or any household. It may also be called as canvassing, prospecting, telephone canvassing, telephone prospecting and the traditional case of talking to potential customers and going door-to-door to sell the products or services.

It is considered as an important technique and stage involved in the process of selling various products and services. It is very helpful in a lot of aspects in the field of business as well as in work communications which may not necessarily involve any sales activity or any selling function.

A good cold calling should be performed properly and it should not be just about numbers and making profits. Also, one should have good cold calling scripts to be able to make effective and successful calls. Cold calling is considered as an art of approaching a person in a professional, open and meaningful way and with a sensible or good intention. It also enables one to achieve success because it is extremely focused on one’s initiative and action.

Since the call itself may be considered or seen negatively or positively by the receiver of the call, the caller should be able to have a positive and lively attitude throughout the call and the conversation and he should also have good cold calling scripts. The outcome of the call all depend on you and your attitude. For example, from the start of your call, the person may have something negative on his mind but if you were able to change his mind and was able to impart your positivity and enthusiasm, you might even close a deal or make a sale. Although you may have a very good script written and ready, but if you end up just reading the script it would be something that the receiver of the call would not want to hear of. People will immediately notice it in your voice and its tone. They can sense if you are sincere about what you are saying or you are just about making a sale, saying what you are supposed to say and whether you are just reading your script. The key in this cold calling is not to make the conversation “cold”. You should be able to build rapport with your potential client and of course make a good conversation and a meaningful conversation with the perspective client. Although it is termed or called as a cold call, remember that it should not be a cold and a lifeless conversation between you and your potential client. Yes, you should follow what is written in your script and you also have to follow the order or flow written in that script but you have to make a conversation in between those. Everything should sound and flow naturally.

Controlling, Strategizing & Empowering through Good Cold Calling Scripts

Cold calling scripts play a very important rule for sales persons doing cold calls.  It is important that they have good quality of cold calling scripts because it is necessary to make sales.  Because of that, the sales person is also considered to play an important role between the supplier and a potential customer.

The sales person’s influence in making something out of nothing is important and their cold calling will also determine whether something will happen or not.  The cold call done by the sales person may also decide on how the proposition will be, identify the compatibility between a potential client and the supplier.  All of these can be identified by the sales person during a cold call.

In a selling process, such call will enable the sales person to define, interpret and command the situation.  That is why it is also important to have cold calling scripts so that they will not miss out on any important detail no matter how small it may be.  However, it should not be treated as plainly delivering a script to your contacts.  The sales person is the best one in position to respond to and view the overall system, and as a cold caller, he is also the one who can see and adapt to the whole system.  He is the one who has a background regarding the organization, company or supplier as well as to the potential or prospective customers, individuals, company or organization.  Therefore, he is the main pivot or the main interpreter, translator and connector between the supplier and prospective customers as well as other market forces.

Since cold calling is important in different businesses, and the sale person or an agent does this, you can therefore say that they are both important for the company and not just to make or close a sale but also to find more potential clients or customers, it does not necessarily mean that a sale should be made in each call.  You have to remember that your aim should be to qualify.  To have a successful and effective cold call a good script is not enough.  A good script will be useless if the caller only reads it for the sake of the delivering the contents of the script to the contact person.  Remember, that it is important to have a good rapport and conversation with your prospect.  Cold calling is not just merely delivering what is written in the script, you can always have a good conversation in between because this will help you gain that trust of your prospect.  You should not force the person to say yes to whatever you offered them.  You should be able to make them understand that they need your product or service so that they will avail of it without any pressure.  Cold calling is not just about numbers, making sales, earning more money and calling as much customers to persuade them to buy your products or service.  It is about finding the compatibility between your product and your prospect.  You should be able to help and avoid that “marketing” tone when talking to prospective clients.

Important Things to Remember in Making Cold Calling Scripts

They say that good cold calling scripts are very important because it guides the caller on what he should say and discuss with the contact person over the phone.  Although cold calling scripts are not the sole basis for the success of each cold call.

Besides knowing in depth everything about your company, organization, products or services, here are some other things that you should consider and should be present in all cold calling scripts:

  1. All scripts should have an introduction.  The opening or initial proposition in this part should be broad and a strategic interpretation of a more detailed offer.  This is done to save time and also avoid making any assumption on what your potential clients actually need and how your final offer may be formulated.  Your introduction should also have a statement of the reason for your call.
  2. There should also be series of questions.  These questions should be well written and facilitative in nature to help potential clients to see the situation more clearly as well as to encourage them to consider your offer and for them to explain about how they decide about various issues.
  3. Your script should also be objective.  You should always remain fair and neutral.  Although this may be kind of tricky and challenging since your purpose is to sell your products and services.  You should not persuade and sound too promotional because the more you promote your products or services, the less chances of you making a sale – ironic, right? This is because people do not want to be sold something, instead they want help and want to be guided by an expert in a specific field to help them make an informed decision.
  4. You have to listen and interpret.  You should avoid taking too much and seem too busy blabbing about your product and service.  You should also listen to your prospect’s thoughts and feelings.  This is to avoid any bias and will eliminate the “sales only” tone or atmosphere during your call.  The prospect should feel that you are interested about helping them and not merely using them to make a sale.
  5. Inform and educate your prospect clients.  You are the one considered as an expert about your product or service.  Giving useful and important information and unbiased  feedbacks or educating your prospect effectively is much better than assuming or jumping into any conclusion on just closing the appointment or conversation.  You should not rush the client in making a decision on the spot.  Your aim is to identify and build understanding.  You have to identify whether there is any potential or whether there is a fit between the prospective client and your products and services.  Do not focus mainly on the call or appointment and on making a sale, because if you do that, you might miss the very important stage of establishing yourself as a helper, enabler and information provider instead of just being a seller.

Just keep these things in mind to make an effective call to all your prospective clients.  Also, by doing these, you will be able to make more sales and win more clients.

Preparing Quality Cold Calling Scripts

Cold calling scripts are very important in making cold calls.  It serves as a guide for the caller.  It will also help in making quality and effective cold calls to potential clients.  There are steps or guides that you need to follow in order to make good quality cold calling scripts as well as in making successful and effective calls.  The preparation in making cold calls and cold calling scripts can be divided in three parts:

  1. The service, supplier or product you, as a caller, represent.
  2. Your approach – it is the way you see yourself as well as the cold call you are about to do.
  3. And lastly, your understanding of your offer or proposition with regard or in relation to your potential client and their current situation.

For the first item, you have to make sure that you are representing a good quality of service, product or supplier.  The products and services does not necessarily mean that it should be the most expensive or should have the highest quality period but you have to make sure that it must be completely fit for each purpose for the intended market and its application.  It must meet all the expectations stated by your marketing as well as your advertising communications.  Your company or organization does not need to be the most ethical company or organization out there, but you should always meet the reasonable expectations of your target market.

When it comes to your mental approach regarding the cold call, you should leave behind any form of temptation to treat it as an indiscriminate or an impersonal numbers game.  You should consider it as a powerful process and aspire to be good or even great at it.  Avoid or address any factor that may affect your attitude and your mood.  As much as possible, you need to avoid behaviors that will contribute to your stress level.  You have to eat and drink properly, exercise, take a break from time to time and you should be able to manage interruptions as well as other demands.  It is easier to conduct cold calls when you are relaxed, focused, fit and free from any distractions.  You have to work on developing your ability and confidence.  Visualize how you want be regarded by the people you are calling and in the long run, you will grow and eventually live up to that image.

You need to have understanding of your offer or proposition with regard to your potential clients and understanding of their current situation.  You also have to use appropriate words when communicating with them.  Before calling any company or organization, big or small, you need to do some research first.  This is important so that you can prepare and understand your initial proposition and how it is related to the individual, company or organization’s situation.  You do not need to research your prospective customer thoroughly, especially if they are local customers, but you still need to have good strategic appreciation and understanding of their issues in relation to your opening offer or proposition.

You need to remember all these things because a successful call does not only rely on good cold calling scripts but it also depends on you as a caller.

Quality Cold Calling Scripts: Enabling You to Keep in Touch & take Ownership of the Call

Cold calling scripts, information and knowledge are very important for you as a cold caller so that you can act and function as an interpreter and a coordinator even from the start of your cold calling.  Therefore, it may be necessary or important for you to take notes and to keep clear and accurate records of the cold call.  You should also make notes for yourself so that you will stay informed as the situation develops, whether it remains to be your responsibility of not.  If you remain informed and knowledgeable of all the resulting sales relationships, you will be able to keep an eye on those situations and you will be able to develop your personal standing and role beyond being just a canvasser or a sales person.

Even if you have well written cold calling scripts or you always abide by what your cold calling scripts says, it will still not be enough because how you will able to meet all your commitments to all your customers is more important than what is written in your job title or job description.  It will also depend on your personal integrity.

Although it may seem easy, staying informed and involved is actually not that easy, especially in some organizations which has rigidly compartmentalized sales as well as after sales activities.  This is also true to sales organizations that marginalized their cold calling or canvassing teams.  But no matter what structure exists, you should do your best to maintain and have an awareness and background involvement whenever and however you can, especially with large or important customers.

Always remember that you are responsible for all relationships that you started which is between you and your customer contacts.  This is because a lot of customers, especially your personal contacts that put a great faith or trust in you since the beginning and they will expect and appreciate if you keep in touch with them.

For junior people or those who are only new to this, it may always not be that easy.  But maintaining an informed and a responsible interest in all relationships you started through your cold calling is a kind of behaviour and determination where successful careers and reputation are built.  This particular advice may not be suitable for divisionalized sales processes of the organizations wherein they are serious about having a career in business or selling.  If your organization is more focus in developing people, you might find that cold calling activities will greatly benefit if it is more defined in terms of one’s personal integrity and commitment.  It should not always be about numbers or earning more profit out it.

Therefore, all scripts that will be used for cold calling should be specifically made for a particular purpose because there is no general formula of how it should be written and will fit all kinds of businesses, products or service.  You also have to keep in mind that even though these scripts are very important for cold calls, you should still have the right attitude towards each call to make it effective and successful.